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Spidermom wip

This is a work in progress (wip).

I am working on this for a long time now. Although I had an initial idea, I developed this piece on the fly. I experimented with techniques to achieve the look and feel I was seeking. This is the reason why I drew the rocks, for example, three times. And I painted every layer (background, cocoons, Spidermom) so it can be used individually, as you can see in the sliding images above. Another reason why this piece takes so long. But it is fun to do and I like the outcome so far.

The spider will need some more attention, I think. And there will be another layer with a lot of small spiders.

spidermom_01 spidermom_02 spidermom_03

This was made on my Wacom Cintiq with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

20th March 2015


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