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Rat Armstrong

Not a comment on that cyclist. Just me being funny. When I cleaned out my…

17th May 2018



What started as a mocking of hippie clichés ended up to actually communicate a message….

18th April 2018

art · journal

Bear with me

Oh my, I neglected this site for far too long. Not very professional, that. Here,…

7th December 2017


Advent Calendar

This piece was made for a Berlin based company, which rents adspace represented by the…

15th December 2016


Magic Mushroom

I remembered a very old sketch I did out of boredom in my first apprenticeship…

31st August 2016


Violet Monkey

A character I offered an energy drink company. Their main colour is violet. That is…

18th August 2016

art · design · design dump


I started this character as my entry in a challenge on one of these freelancer…

1st June 2016

art · design · journal

Rocker Silhouette

I made this silhouette for a local musician initiative for use in their logo, website…

25th April 2016


Wasted Wabbit

Made in Adobe Illustrator based on an old scribble.

31st March 2016


Dwarven Jaws

I asked a Warhammer playing friend what character I should paint next. His answer: a…

2nd March 2016