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Welcome to the all-new and fancy

Finally, I managed to re-launch my website.

If you are reading this you found the blog part of my site (not that surprising, since it is the blog which is featured on the main page). I will use this space to post sketches, updates on projects or maybe just write about unrelated stuff.

But there is more. See the menu above? There you can find a profile about yours truly (about/contact -> about me), a long, boring but informative text about how I work (about/contact -> about commissions). And if you feel like dropping me a line or two, feel free to use the contact form (about/contact -> contact (you haven’t seen this one coming, have you?)).

But wait, there is even more. There is a portfolio you can access through the menu, too. Divided into seperate categories even, for your browsing convenience. You are welcome.

And last but not least the inevitable plug of my webcomic ‘bITTER’. You will find a link to it under the projects menu. Wait, no, don’t click on it yet… oh well, alright. Here is the thing: For over a year I wasn’t able to add new episodes to the comic. But there is something new coming and hopefully soon. I will announce it here when it’s ready. Feel free to browse the existing thirty-nine episodes, though.
EDIT: It is re-launched as well. And a new episode. YAY.

Let me know what you think about the new page, either in the comments or through the contact form.

Thank you for your attention,

9th March 2015


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