illustration & visualisation



I tried something different. A simple vector illustration pimped a bit in Photoshop.

4th December 2015


Little Miss Creepy!

Little girls are creepy… This wasn’t meant to be a Halloween piece. I just finished…

3rd November 2015


Aaaaaaaahhh! Robots!

May contain traces of Looney Tunes, Futurama, The Jetsons and Doctor Who.  

23rd October 2015


Cyberpunk Grunge Hippie

I had the idea for a character that blends the 1980’s to 1990’s Neuromancer idea…

2nd October 2015


grand theft basti

This piece I did for my brothers birthday. It is based on the cover art…

17th September 2015

art · journal


Schwurbel never encountered creatures like the Drops before. Neither had the Drops seen anything like…

12th June 2015

art · bITTER · journal · projects

bITTER re-launched

It is done. My web-comic ‘bITTER’ got an overhaul. And a new episode. A little…

9th April 2015

art · wip

Spidermom wip

This is a work in progress (wip). I am working on this for a long…

20th March 2015

art · bITTER · projects

pub setting

I made this as a reoccuring setting for ‘bITTER’ at a time when backgorunds were…

13th March 2015