illustration & visualisation



I am Rudolpho, in real life also known as Marc Rudolph, based in Berlin, Germany.

Originally trained as a graphic designer, I am focusing mainly on illustrations, cartoons and comics.

The classic animated Warner Bros. shorts by Tex Avery and Chuck Jones and the following ‘Looney Tunes’ were my first artistic influence. Later came the simplicity of Warner Bros. Animations character designs for their animated DC shows. I am sure you will find traces of them in my work.

When I am not trying to get food on the table I am doing the webcomic ‘bITTER’.

I invite you to browse my portfolio or read my blog. The latter I will use to post sketches and scribbles or talk about what I am up to these days.

If you want to get in touch with me (because you want to hire me or commission an original piece or just to tell me how awesome I am) please use the contact form.

And if you are interested in photography please visit Bastian Peschkes website. He took the photo of me you see on the left.